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"The Government should support the cultural contribution that bingo clubs make by providing the same level of extra funding that has been given to other cultural and entertainment businesses like cinemas, museums and theatres."

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Bingo is my Lifeline – a call to UK Government to support a great cultural pastime.

The future of some bingo clubs is in the balance and we need your help to ensure your local bingo club will be there to welcome you on May 17th.

Bingo has been a mainstay of cultural life since the 1960s, welcoming thousands of customers into clubs to eat, drink and socialise over a much-loved game. Bingo clubs play an important role in addressing social isolation, with many of our predominantly female customers seeing an afternoon or evening at the bingo as their main opportunity for a good night out, and a place they feel safe to visit.

Level Playing Field

Despite being one of the sectors most affected by the pandemic and having to remain fully closed until the 17th May at the earliest (more than a month longer than our colleagues in restaurants and pubs) Bingo Clubs across England have received no extra funds other than the Covid support to which everyone is entitled.

Our clubs have lost approximately £269.3million in income. Bingo clubs in England have been open less than 30% of the days they could have been due to the pandemic and even when they were able to be open, were subject to strict restrictions.

Meanwhile our friends in cinemas and theatres are receiving over £1.5 billion in additional funding from the Government to help them survive the pandemic.

It is difficult to explain to loyal customers and our valued employees why Bingo Clubs in England are deemed to be less important compared to other cultural activities such as cinemas, museums and theatres.

All we are asking is that the Government levels the playing field by ensuring that Bingo Clubs receive the same support as our friends and peers across the hospitality, culture and entertainment sectors. This will allow us to ensure that as many bingo clubs as possible remains part of England’s social and cultural fabric for the benefit of our valued present and future customers.

The Scottish Government has recently confirmed that each bingo club will receive £50,000 per venue using the Strategic Framework Business Fund system and the Welsh Government has supported bingo clubs in Wales with similar amounts of top-up funding. Support in England is equally as needed and will ensure that many bingo clubs will be able to survive until re-opening in May.

How you can help

We are asking you to sign our petition to make this case to the Government, tell us why your local bingo club is so important to you and get in touch with your local MP to let them know about our campaign.

Please fill in the form to help ensure your local bingo club can successfully reopen in May.

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