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Calling all Bingo players
in the West Midlands

Bingo is my lifeline - let's keep clubs open

Bingo clubs in the West Midlands are at risk of being forced to close under new Tier 3 restrictions that are due to come into place in the area. Bingo players and staff have faced real uncertainty from the contradictory measures so far which have allowed bingo clubs in Liverpool and West and South Yorkshire to remain open while those in Lancashire have had to close their doors.

Bingo clubs have put a lot of hard work in to making sure venues are Covid-19 secure, and that members like yourself will be safe, through increased hygiene measures and social distancing. If we have to close bingo clubs across the West Midlands, local communities will lose out on an important and safe community hub.

Playing bingo isn’t just an incredibly popular activity for all generations – it is also a safe place for people to meet friends and family, and is a vital community hub. With loneliness on the rise, many people need COVID-19 safe spaces to overcome social isolation and connect with others. Indeed, 1 in 10 bingo club members say they can’t imagine life without bingo and 3 in 10 say it is the highlight of their week.

If you don’t want your local bingo club to close during Tier 3 restrictions, please help us by making the case to your local leaders that bingo is safe to remain open and is a lifeline for yourself and your fellow Bingo players.

To help, you can:

Write to Mayor of the West Midlands, Andy Street. Simply fill out the short form to ask the Mayor to follow the lead of Liverpool and West and South Yorkshire in keeping bingo clubs open for the benefit of their customers and for the community they serve.

The more people we have making the case for bingo, the more likely we are to see the game we love continue, and our cherished clubs continue to serve our communities  in a safe and  secure manner.

Miles Baron
CEO of the Bingo Association

Send an email to Andy Street

Your email will look like this

Dear Mr Street,

With most of the West Midlands soon to enter the “Very High” local COVID-19 alert level, I urge you to fight so that my local bingo club, XXXX, is able to remain open.

There is a great deal of confusion for bingo customers, who can continue playing bingo safely in Liverpool and South Yorkshire but not in Lancashire, where bingo clubs are closed. This does not make sense to us.

Since reopening, our local bingo club has gone out of its way to ensure that we can continue to come and play Bingo in the safest way possible, making sure venues are Covid-19 secure with increased hygiene measures and social distancing.

Therefore, as a bingo player in the local area, I ask that you follow the lead of Liverpool and South Yorkshire in keeping Bingo Clubs open for the benefit of their customers and for the communities they serve.

Bingo is a lifeline for me because … (your message here)

I hope you will take on board the wishes of the bingo community and allow our clubs to stay open if and when we enter Tier 3 restrictions.

Many thanks,

(Customer name and email address)

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